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Ubisoft - Changing DRM for All Games

by Aries100, 2012-10-24 16:40:39

In an editorial at 1UP, Chris Pereira, discusses how Ubisoft now changes their always on policy for new games.

A quote on this:

When asked if there were any regrets over how things had been handled previously, the closest we got to an apology was her stating, "We've listened to feedback, we will continue to listen to feedback, we will continue to make sure that we deliver great games and great services, and are now operating under this policy." Later in the interview it was reaffirmed that for games like Assassin's Creed III and beyond, there will be only a one-time activation with no limits on the number of computers a game can be installed on. This is, suffice it to say, great news.

A quote from the conclusion:

The same could be said about this entire situation. While it would have been preferable and more likely to garner respect had Ubisoft come right out and apologized and admitted it had been wrong with the way it handled PC gaming previously, a public declaration that it is trying to be better with release dates and is abandoning both always-on DRM and activation limits is surely the next best thing.

Original interview with Stephanie Perotti and Michael Burk made by Rock Paper Shotgun.

Source: 1Up

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