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Path of Exile - Chris Wilson Interview @ Games On Net

by Aries100, 2012-10-26 18:04:07

Games On Net talked to Chris Wilson, the designer and producer for this game.  In the interview they talk about the skill tree, post-launch content, his reaction to the competition's offering, the recently announced Act 3,  and much much more.

A quote about the level structure:

GON: How does that affect your level structure? You’ve already got a skill tree – or should I say a skill forest – that many users find terrifying. In a good way, obviously. How do you balance that and keep adding expansions? Chris: So the endgame that we have is somewhat separate from the actual act content — we have these randomised map areas, which is a separate topic I guess, but in terms of balancing the levelling it’s actually a very difficult question adding in another because, when people have established characters, where do the levels fit in?

A quote in how potions work in the game:

GON: Can you give me an example of that?

Chris: A good example of that is the potion system. In a lot of ARPG’s, Titan Quest, Torchlight, you buy a ton of potions and every time you’re hurt you drink one and it’s just a big homogenous stack. In Path of Exile your potions are in set flasks that are actually items that you have to upgrade, and they can be used multiple times, and they become part of your build. If you want a flask that extinguishes fire if you’ve ever been ignited, then that’s part of the way you build your character rather than just a number of potions you bought from the shop last time you were in town.

Source: GameBanshee

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