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RPGWatch Feature - Inquisitor Review

by Dhruin, 2012-10-29 11:07:39

Corwin takes a detailed look at Inquisitor, a text-heavy action/RPG with an unusual premise developed in the Czech Republic that we've been following for over 10 years. Here's a sample:

Strange things are occurring and people are being murdered. It’s your job to discover what is really happening, why are people being killed and who is committing these crimes. You have to gather clues, evidence and eventually hold a trial. Thus the need to talk with everyone. Once you have gathered all the available information you can begin exploring for more clues, while also completing several quests you will have obtained. Some of these quests are necessary before an NPC will divulge essential information; fairly standard RPG procedure. Some people will readily tell you everything you want to know, while others will want a bribe first. If you build your character a certain way, you can often intimidate people rather than bribing them. Different character types will have different options which does give the game some replay value.

Read it all here.

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