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Avernum 6 - iPad Review @ Digitally Downloaded

by Dhruin, 2012-10-30 20:36:33

Digitally Downloaded has a review of the HD iPad release of Avernum VI, carrying a score of 4.5/5:

Vogel’s great strength has always been in his storytelling, and that’s just as well because in terms of presentation this game is definitely not up to scratch. There’s a couple of nice character portraits (taken from other recent Spiderweb games), but characters on the screen are tiny blurry sprites with very limited animation – they don’t even walk, they just glide across the floor. While this means the game is somewhat inaccessible for the less dedicated RPG players (not that we didn’t already know that), there’s a certain appeal to the presentation for people with fond memories of pen-and-paper RPG games. In Avernum VI the characters are almost like physical pieces on a table, and for the target audience, this is actually quite compelling.

But back to the storytelling - it is superb. There’s a lot of reading in Avernum, but it’s compelling stuff. Like a good novel, the words of Vogel do a brilliant job of setting a scene and creating an environment that is more engaging than the visual presentation would suggest. Because there is so much reading involved the pacing of the game is very different to what more most modern gamers might be used to, but it works.

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