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KB: Warriors of the North - 2 More Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-10-30 23:47:01

Here are 2 more reviews for King's Bounty: Warriors of the North.

  • Geek.com
    Warriors of the North‘s it’s-not-broken-so-why-fix-it approach will be more than fine with some gamers while it will be frustrating to others. Personally I’m satisfied with a new game that’s limited to new characters and the shift from a baby dragon summon to a Valkyrie, but I wish some progress could be made on other fronts. For example, the battle animations still take much too long, even when set to High. Trust me — after you’ve seen the Viking’s cheer 100 or so times, you’re ready to either turn off animations (not an option) or have them play back even faster than they do on High. The game simply takes too long, so cutting down on animation time would help things progress.

  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    It’s fine! It should be a £10 expansion pack rather than a £25 expandalone, and as such I can’t in good conscience recommend Warriors of the North over picking up King’s Bounty: The Legend or Crossworlds for far less. It is more finely-balanced, it is free of the slightly grating cutsiness of Armoured Princess and being a big, tough, hairy viking on a flying pony (a quickly-obtained alternate means of navigating around the large overland maps) is a constant delight. So, for this year, I guess I’m okay with another pair of slippers and another series of the Great British Bake-Off. Next year I want Doc Martens and a chilli competition, though.

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