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Project Eternity - Interview @ GameRanx

by Aries100, 2012-10-31 20:21:40

GameRanx has an interview with Chris Avellone on this game.  In it, he talks about emergent behaviors, pacing, the system used for dialogues in rpgs, and much much more. Chris Avellone has this to say about romances:

You've stated in the past that you don't like romances in games—at least to the extent that they've been done in games thus far. Were you to implement a romance subplot in Project Eternity, what would it involve?

........So if I were to implement a romance subplot in Eternity - I wouldn’t.  I’d examine interpersonal relationships from another angle and I wouldn’t confine it to love and romance. Maybe I’d explore it after a “loving” relationship crashed and burned, and one or both was killed in the aftermath enough for them to see if it had really been worth it spending the last few years of their physical existence chained to each other in a dance of human misery and/or a plateau of soul-killing compromise. Or maybe I’d explore a veteran’s love affair with his craft of murder and allowing souls to be freed to travel beyond their bleeding shell, or a Cipher’s obsession with plucking the emotions of deep-rooted souls to try and see what makes people attracted to each other beyond their baser instincts and discovers love... specifically, his love of manipulating others. 

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