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Hero-U - Update #6, Crowdfunding and More

by Myrthos, 2012-10-31 21:41:56

In their sixth update for the Hero-U Kickstarter Garey Cole talks about the current pledges of the game (154K out of the desired 400K as of this writing) with still 19 days to go. Besides some links to other news about interviews there is this on crowdfunding:

Dear Fellow Gamer,

Every time you choose to support a Kickstarter project, you are casting a vote.  When you back a quality adventure or role-playing game, you send a message.  You tell everyone out there that you believe in that type of game and want to see it made.

There are many ways to cast your vote.  You could be like the millions who flock to the latest in the endless stream of indistinguishable first-person shooter clones.  You don't have to back those on Kickstarter.  They'll get made anyway because publishers know that a lot of people will buy them.

But your "votes" on Kickstarter matter in another way.  Games like Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption will not exist at all without your support.  You can sell massive explosions and special effects in a television ad.  You can't sell games that promise story, puzzles, and intelligent game play.  Games like ours don't appeal to the mass market.  You have to stop and think to play Hero-U, and that's not as popular as grabbing a rocket launcher and blasting away at Zombies.

Supporting Hero-U and games like Shadowgate matters.  We're small companies making the biggest, best games we can put together on a modest budget. You've taken the time to read this far, and that means you are our target player - Someone who reads and thinks about what they read.  We lost all the twitch gamers back at "casting a vote."

This game is for you, and when you recognize that, you will discover a secret.  It's the truth about "risk". Is it riskier to back a game that will take a year to make, but is made by developers you respect, and is the type of game you will love when it's done?  Or is it riskier to sit and wait, and have those developers leave the business because not enough players seem to want their style of game?  When you wait for someone else to back your games, you may be waiting forever.

Don't worry, you can always play another first-person shooter.  Or maybe Solitaire.  Those games will always be there.  Our type of game can only exist with your backing, and your help in spreading the word.  Care to join us?

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