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Age of Pirates: Review @ Games Radar

by Dhruin, 2006-09-26 22:53:00
Akella's Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales takes a pounding in Games Radar's review, which carries a score of 4/10 and is subtitled "The high seas are reduced to bilge water in this non-adventure":
Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, a sort of unofficial sequel to the recent Pirates of the Caribbean game (itself a renamed sequel to Sea Dogs ), is a Jack Sparrow of all trades. It just can't seem to get the individual elements up to the basic level even generic genre titles can manage, let alone master them.

Part island vacation, part RPG and part empire builder, it seems like the pirate's life could be reasonably fun for a while. Sure, the missions never get more interesting than bare bones escort and trading exercises, but you earn experience with each colorful trip across the sparkling sea, slowly building up stats like Leadership and Trading while adding special abilities like Windcatcher to improve your seafaring. Eventually you'll hire officers to help plunder wayward vessels and piss off entire nations.

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