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Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Several updates

by Myrthos, 2012-11-01 23:54:21

A couple of updates showed up this weel on the Indiegogo page for the campaing of Sword of the Stars: The pit. Amongst others the Security Bots are monster of the week and they show what a Liir council chamber looks like (whatever that is). They are also quite pleased that they are approaching their goal.

Here are the bots:

The Pit facility is filled with lifeforms taken from across the galaxy, many of them sentient beings who are extremely intelligent and clever in their own right. Nothing ruins a battery of tests like the specimen getting out of its cage, and so the Bloodweaver has installed extensive security throughout his lab in the form of an army of robotic drones.

Security Drones come in a multitude of configurations suited to dealing with the wide variety of hostile lifeforms kept in the Pit. Ranging from small, fast-moving fliers to hulking, tank-like killing machines, the drones maintain order in the Pit with lethal efficiency.

Name: Security Bot (Light)
Height = 1.3 M
Weight = 50 Kg
Armor = Moderate
Resilience = Low
Speed = Above average
Special notes: This small, wheeled security bot uses to arms that mount small calibre weapons. The standard models use ballistics but there are rumors of a laser variant as well.

Name: Security Bot (Fast Response)
Height = .8 M
Weight = 10 Kg
Armor = low
Resilience = low
Speed = Very High
Special notes: This very high tech, anti-grav security drone designed to respond quickly to alarms. It carries laser weaponry as well as a stun device in order to restrain subject till heavier and better armed security bots arrive.

Name: Security Bot (Medium)
Height = 1.7 M
Weight = 150 Kg
Armor = Moderate
Resilience = High
Speed = Moderate

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Security Bot Concept Art 20121030181627-security-bot-concept-art

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