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Kickstarter - Beasts & Blades

by Myrthos, 2012-11-02 16:13:12

Here is an RPG on Kickstarter that we missed up to now: Beasts & Blades. According to the developers it can be cetegorized as an 'epic 3D turn-based RPG adventure game' to be released on PC, MAC, IOS, and Android.
They are asking for 12.500$ and are currently at 1.071$ with 23 days to go.

There is quite some info on the game available including some videos and artwork of the characters including scarcely dressed women and men. Here is a bit on the story:

The basic story :

The storyline revolves around five main playable characters, a corrupt leader Lord Crewe, and a kingdom betrayed.

The game opens in a scene where a royal investigation team (five main characters) has been put together by Lord Crewe to investigate recent disappearances, including that of the High Mage's daughter, in the Mereen Forest south of the main town of Elmere. The players find only an abandoned ritual camp, or what seems to be abandoned. In a series of strange events, an evil force reveals itself from a portal to another realm, renders each player unconscious, and takes control of the team. Each player awakens to find themselves alone, in an unfamiliar place, and must battle their way out to find the rest of the investigation team and find out who is behind all of this.

What the players don't know yet, is the dark forces are secretly being controlled by their own king, Lord Crewe. Throughout the story the players must find answers as to the king's motivation, why he has become encircled in darkness and has betrayed his kingdom, and restore peace and order to Aurion once again.

Here is a video with some early beta gameplay.


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