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Sui Generis - Story and the World

by Myrthos, 2012-11-05 12:31:06

The first update for Sui Generis, which is still quite a bit away from their 150.000 pound goal, is about the story and the world.

You start the game as apparently just a common villager but someone obviously disagrees, this puts your village in danger and you are exiled. You will be thrown into a hostile world you know nothing about and be forced to fend for yourself. As an unworldly villager you will discover this land and learn of it's history and current affairs, of the primitive people living in awe of a misconceived past. It soon becomes clear that you are no ordinary villager and indeed have some highly exceptional qualities. Dark, ominous events are rapidly transpiring throughout the world, a terrible conclusion beckons on the horizon. You may be the only one with power enough to prevent catastrophe but it all hinges on whether or not you choose to intervene, freedom is king here and there will always be numerous ways to achieve any desired outcome, or fail in the attempt.

You will find yourself in a large open world that you can explore freely. A rich detailed terrain features many interesting locations. A vast sprawling underworld, a source of terror for the people but filled with ancient treasures, tells strange stories of the world's past.

The world features a feudal society dissolving under the pressure of thaumaturges, once benevolent miracle workers who have now turned to dark and cruel activities. Thaumaturges wield great powers, they can manipulate many aspects of the world with their minds. A recent shift in their agenda has led them to cruel experiments and dangerous incursions into the underworld, causing it's dormant threats to stir.

There will be other races besides humans but they will be very much nonhuman, more like creatures or mutants. The demon image and the ogre (we call him porky!) in our videos will hopefully give you some idea of the type of thing we have in mind. These creatures will have their own social structures but ones dramatically different and alien to those of humans. There are no elves, orcs or other common fantasy races (we use ogre as a descriptive term), all creatures are original.

The story unfolds in a hugely dynamic fashion and events will transpire even without your intervention. Your lack of involvement may lead to truly disastrous consequences for the world, the game will not end but the world may become a very inhospitable place. Even if you try your best you may not succeed, the game does not revolve around completing tasks and progressing stages of the plot. Success or failure are of equal value, the aim is to have fun.

There will be a great many unique non player characters in the world, whether they become friends or enemies or are simply indifferent is completely circumstantial. The game is not specifically designed to have a persistent party of companions, though some characters may choose to follow you and may be predisposed toward this role. If they perish they will not return to life, or at least not as they were. Ultimately no character (or creature) is special, all are subject to the same rules and the physical laws of the universe.

The Sui Generis game experience plays hugely on the element of mystery. The idea is that you are thrown into an unfamiliar fantastic world for you to discover. It's history is not understood by it's inhabitants and trying to piece it together will be an important element of the game.

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