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Gods & Heroes: Updated Preview @ GameDaily

by Dhruin, 2006-09-26 23:44:00
Gods & Heroes has been previewed at GameDaily. Here's an excerpt:
A fresh take on a genre can be all a game needs to be lifted above most others, shine in the light and be very successful. Thus, escaping from the quickly-becoming-bland fantasy setting of MMORPGs looks like a very smart marketing move. The makers of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising realized this, but they also knew that others had, too. Most of the other dissenters were going towards the future, going as far away from medieval history as possible by making everything about lasers and robots. Perpetual Entertainment decided that was good, but not where they wanted to go. Instead, they'll be taking us to ancient Rome, and through its rise to power.

But not to leave us with only the millions of enemies Rome has and its rise to power to fight, they're also throwing in the Gods and their many creations and enemies on the planet, mythological creatures. So you've got medusas, hydras, lions, barbarians, and warriors from pretty much everywhere neighboring the lands of early Rome. To help you and your chosen allies (if you choose to take any, which would be a very smart idea), you each choose a god to swear allegiance to. This opens up a whole other can of worms, offering side quests, new abilities, and more foes, since each of the gods is an enemy of another god or even a group of them.

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