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Hero-U - Kickstarter Update #10

by Myrthos, 2012-11-06 11:57:47

In the tenth update on the Kickstarter page of Hero-U brings us add-ons that can be chosen to help make the Coles reach their goal.

Digital add-ons available at any tier

Important Note on digital keys to our previous games:  We are actually buying these keys from the respective sites.  Since Kickstarter and Amazon payments take a percentage of our proceeds, and the purpose of selling these add-ons is to raise money for Hero-U development, all of these keys are more expensive than if you buy them directly.  If this concerns you , please buy the previous-game keys directly from Steam, gog.com, or another site.  We are offering them here solely as a convenience.

  • $15:  Steam game key to Jolly Rover (PC or Mac)
  • $15:  Steam game key to MacGuffin's Curse (PC or Mac)
  • $20:  gog.com game key to Quest for Glory 1-5 package (PC only)
  • $18:  An additional Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption game key for a friend
  • $18:  Pre-order the second planned Hero-U game featuring a female Wizard main character
  • $100: In-game Head(stone) of the Class.  See Update #9 or main project page for details
  • $200: In-game School Spirit.  See Update #9 or main project page for details

Physical Add-Ons ONLY for Physical Tier Backers

Physical add-ons will be shipped separately from your copy of the game (exception - additional physical game boxes will likely be shipped in one package).  When you select physical add-ons, please also add the following shipping charges to your pledge:

  • 1-4 items:  $15 US, $20 Canada/Mexico, $30 other countries
  • Each additional 4 items:  Add $10 US/Canada/Mexico, or add $20 other countries

Physical add-on choices:

  • $30: Hero-U logo t-shirt
  • $35: Embroidered Hero-U baseball cap
  • $50: Extra standard boxed copy of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
  • $50: (Extra) copy of the physical yearbook.
  • $100:  (Extra) copy of the Kickstarter-only premium boxed game plus Graduate-level inserts (game DVD, manual, music CD, varsity letter, and Hero-U backer's button)

In addition more information is given on the $2000 Art Lover tier

We have had many questions about the art pieces available through the $2,000 Art Lovers tier.  Two of the choices are from Lori's and my personal collection, and are shown on the main project page over the description of the Art Lovers tier.  Brad Herbert and Brandon Klassen of The Art of Sierra are graciously making other pieces available at their cost to help support the Hero-U project.

NOTE: Art Lovers is a unique tier.  Backers at higher tiers will not get original Sierra game artwork.

Each piece is approximately 6" x 9", and is the actual painting that was scanned into either Quest for Glory 3 or Quest for Glory 4.  Backers at the Art Lovers tier will be asked to choose their favorite pieces in priority order.  We will then assign pieces based on pledge date (first come, first served) followed by preference.  The sooner you choose the Art Lovers tier, the more likely you will get exactly the piece you want.

Mr. Herbert has prepared a video to show you some of the art pieces available.  As usual, embedded videos are not working in my updates, so you will have to follow the link to see the video.


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