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Diablo 3 - How the endgame failed @ PC Gamer

by Dhruin, 2012-11-06 20:42:15

PC Gamer's Tom Senior writes How Diablo 3's endgame failed:

The auction house is all-consuming at high levels in Diablo 3. Drop rates have been modified upwards extensively since launch and the Paragon levels added in a recent patch lets players increase drop rates by 3% with every ding. Nonetheless, I can’t remember the last time a usable item dropped for my level 60 Barbarian. The odds that I’ll discover anything that I can directly equip seem absurdly small. At Inferno level, gear is everything. You’re as tough as the armour you’re wearing. To get precisely what you’ll need, the auction house is the only viable option.

Diablo 3 has become a game about gold. Its endgame, with the auction house at its heart, is about slow, incremental progression, cash runs and repeated boss raids. It relies on grind-heavy objectives that feel very different to the rush of new skills I enjoyed on the journey to level 60.

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