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Hero-U - Kickstarter Update #13

by Dhruin, 2012-11-09 12:02:19

The Cole's are pumping out the Hero-U updates as they pass the halfway mark ($208k/$400k with 11 days to go) with this latest comparing the game to CRPG Addict's list of RPG criteria. For example, on choices:

Choice of actions, and changes in the game world based on your actions

As I've written in previous Updates, choice is central to Hero-U. Most of the problems you face can be solved in several ways using your skills, equipment, or dialogue. What you say, and how you act, to others affects relationships that can block or unlock parts of the game. What Shawn becomes is largely up to you.

All in all, I think we measure up pretty well to one blogger's definition of "What is a CRPG?"  We don't have first-person, 3D dungeons, and you won't control a party of adventurers.  But most CRPG players should feel at home in our game despite all that adventure game story and dialogue stuff.

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