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Project Eternity - Update #30, How Stuff is Made

by Dhruin, 2012-11-10 23:09:33

The latest Kickstarter update for Project Eternity looks at "what's going on in the studio", including delving into the different departments of Art, Audio, Design, Production, Programming and QA:

Right now we are knee deep in pre-production. Pre-production is the period of time at the beginning of development where everything is planned and prototyped, production schedules are made, and pipelines are constructed. I'm not talking about oil pipelines here - I'm talking about asset pipelines. An asset pipeline can be described like an oil pipeline - First the asset is made by a content creator (like an artist), next the asset is processed by a tool so that the game understands what the heck it is, and finally the asset is placed into the game world in its final location. All of the different types of assets (stuff) require a custom pipeline. Pipeline creation is one of the many problems we are tackling right now in pre-production.

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