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Darkfall: One Char, One Race Debate

by Dhruin, 2006-09-27 00:15:00
With the news that Darkfall will only support one character and race per server, the Darkfall site is encouraging constructive debate on the issue:
The debate is between the following two positions:

1. One Character per server
2. One race per server

As you know Darkfall is a full PvP (player vs player) and clan warfare game - with accountability. Some restrictions to the character selection per game world need apply.

While we believe that Darkfall's skill system ensures never having to reroll a character, meaning that one character slot per world is enough, we would like to know what the Darkfall community thinks. We invite a civilized and constructive debate on the topic.
Head over for various links to both the game mechanics behind their reasoning and links to threads on the forums.

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