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KB: Warriors of the North - More Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-11-11 00:49:42

Here are 3 more recent reviews of Kings Bounty: Warrior of the North.

  • Just Press Start
    KB:WotN is a deliberately paced game, so don’t go into it expecting to blaze through the plot in a matter of hours.  There are times where I wish things moved a bit faster, but that’s probably because I was simply eager to see what happened next.  There is a LOT to do and see in this title, so the $30 asking price seems justified.  The issues mentioned above do warrant a more guarded recommendation, though.  Overall, if you’re looking for some epic questing with a Viking theme, Endoria is where you belong.
  • Phenom Inc Game Informer
    Outside of the tightly constrained availability of troops and prevalence of undead enemies in the first third of the game, this is easily the best King’s Bounty to date. Something is going to have to change eventually, and the legacy issues like boss fights and recruitment tedium get less acceptable every year, but I’m still having a blast with Warriors of the North. Whether you’re new to the series or a 300-hour veteran, there’s much to recommend here. I just hope I’m not writing these same things next year.

  • RPGFan, 68%
    Repetition and game-breaking bugs cannot be excused. While I understand that some bugs just slip by and patches will likely rectify issues like the one I experienced, this is what separates top-notch games from the rest. On top of that, why am I still starting the game with spiders, snakes, and thieves? What has changed besides the skin on the models or even the palette? Why is the first boss a spider? I conclude with questions only because I do not understand the lackluster design decisions. Then again, "decisions" implies that thought went into the game.

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