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Kickstarter - #103 - A Turn Based Strategy Game

by Dhruin, 2012-11-12 11:53:16

Gavin writes in with their Kickstarter with the rather odd name of #103 - a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements and a "rich story driven" single player campaign. They are looking for 50k pounds with 20 days to run:

#103 is to be a story rich 3D Turn Based Strategy game for Windows & Mac.  In it you play the role of a robotic Grim Reaper who has become disillusioned with a system he is forced to obey.  After being sent to 'reap' the soul of a recently deceased child he begins to question whether this souls destiny is truly right and decides to make a stand.

Played out in a detailed 3D world populated by strange creatures and teaming with souls of the deceased, the game is set across 2 distinct worlds : the real world and 'The Sanctuary' - a dystopian world created in the image of hell by the elders of the Reapers.

As you guide #103 around the beautifully crafted levels trying to complete the mission objects you will also control up to 10 souls (amongst a few other characters).  You will be able to combine #103's body and weapons with the freed souls to unleash new attacks and special abilities in your fight to free the trapped souls.

The game features:

  • Classic turn based gameplay
  • Detailed environments
  • Power up you weapons and attacks by combining spirits of the dead
  • Rich story driven single player game
  • Asynchronous online multiplayer game
  • Spectacular visuals and special effects
  • Earn new abilities and special moves by completing side quests

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