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Beast & Blades - Kickstarter Updates, New Beta

by Myrthos, 2012-11-12 18:14:11

There are some new updates on Beast & Blades (1.5K/12.5K, 13 days to go). Most interesting is that a new beta is available, bringing it to version 0.6:

New to version 0.6 :

- Several new additions to the in game menu (press "escape" when in game), including character stats, skills, items, equipment, party info, loading, exit, Quest log ... yes quests! and Crafting!

- Crafting!! Combine items you get from looting, chests / barrels with other items to make things! There are a handful of items you can craft now, and the list of craftable items and items you can pick up will grow huge!

- Several graphical improvements, including greatly improved battle cameras

- NPC characters now follow you in your party in normal navigation mode!

- We promised you a HUGE map to start with to run around, and we delivered.. There are only a couple fights outdoors right now, but you can explore everywhere. Beware, there are no world boundaries yet, and yes you can fall straight off of the terrain into the digital abyss. we know this :)

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