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Baldur's Gate - Interview @ Red Bull

by Dhruin, 2012-11-13 21:12:08

An unusual place to find a Baldur's Gate interview but Red Bull caught up with Trent Oster to discuss the Enhanced Edition. Regular followers will find little new and the focus is the iPad release:

“The project came about out of frustration and playing with an iPad for the first time,” he says. “We were frustrated with the lack of deep gameplay in many recent games. In my opinion, many games have gone too far simplifying gameplay to make it appealing to the casual gamer. We wanted to work on games that were deep and entertaining.”

And despite the success of pick-up-and play games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, Oster says the iPad is the perfect format for the game. “The first time I picked up and iPad I said, ‘You know what would be awesome on this? Baldur's Gate would be awesome on an iPad.’ It is.”

Oster, who served as the original game’s 3D Department Head and oversaw artwork for the game, as well as multiplayer QA (quality assurance - checking it’s actually fun), has been hard at work on Enhanced Edition at Overhaul Games, a development studio based in Edmonton, Canada.

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