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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition: Interview @ Sorcerer's Place

by Myrthos, 2012-11-14 12:45:26

Sorcerer's Place has interviewed Trent Oster on everything that is enhanced in their upcoming release of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition with 22 questions:

2. SP: Which enhancement in BG:EE are you most proud of?

Oster: I'm most proud of the new content. I was playing through with Neera in the party and had an encounter with an NPC that had me laughing out loud and thinking "that is exactly how I imagined her acting". I also think the Black Pits is brilliant and Mark Meer of Commander Shepard fame did an outstanding job with the voice acting for the antagonist.

3. SP: Conversely, which enhancement in BG:EE are you most worried about? I mean, you're touching the holy grail of CRPGs after all! ;)

Oster: I think the fact we've touched the game at all is what I'm worried about. It will play as Baldur's Gate, but there are some major changes to the front end UI and it will feel quite different to people who have played a lot of vanilla BG. I think the improvements are mostly pretty logical and straightforward, but there is a bit of a curator role we've had to adopt. I think working at Bioware during the development and remembering the rationale behind some key decisions had really helped us walk a line I think most fans will agree with.

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