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Hero-U - Interview @ Just Adventure

by Dhruin, 2012-11-15 20:21:56

Just Adventure caught up with the Coles as Hero-U enters the final days for its Kickstarter campaign ($274k/$400k, 5 days to go). This has had a recent uptick and looks like it might just squeeze through:

What else do I need to know about Hero-U?
It is going to be an RPG also. It is going to have people going down into dungeons and caverns, trying to find things that go beyond the traditional RPG tropes of killing for loot. It’s all one story.

As far as combat elements: They will be entirely optional. Combat will be turn-based. It’ll be entirely a thinking game. We’re seeing combat as another puzzle. So adventure players who don’t like combat shouldn’t be afraid of this game. It’s not about reflexes.

That’s a return to classic RPG gameplay. It’s not about fast action and fast thought, it’s about correct action and correct thought.

Part of the joy of this game is exploring. You feel like you’re in the game!

Corey: By supporting Hero-U Kickstarter, you are saying “You want Lori and Corey to be making games again!!”

This is our chance to get back into the industry. We need your help! So that we’ll have the game a year from now. If you wait and see, there will be nothing to see!

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