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Ars Magica - Nearing the End

by Myrthos, 2012-11-15 21:51:23

The Kickstarter game Ars Magicka is nearing the end. At the moment of writing this they still have 69 hours but with 73K out of 250K this looks to be difficult to achieve.

Anyway, jsust in case there are some with plenty of money to burn here is the latest update on the combat UI:

The center portion of the UI is the map, and this displays not only the position of the combatants but also the various features available. You can mouse over these for more information, and click on them to take contextual actions or move characters to them. As noted previously, unused features can come and go as the rounds passed, so you’ll want to be looking at the map for additional options as time goes by.

You’ll also notice the little icons for the combatants which ring the map’s edges. You can click on these to change targets or focus on a feature, if you do not want to navigate by map.

Above and below the map you have information related to the currently selected character (top), and the active character (bottom.) Here you can review known information about the characters, generally contextual to the actions available. You can also click on the main portrait to see a more detailed character sheet, where appropriate.

To the right of the map is the general features list, for easy reference. Some features, as for example the Chesnut Limb and Hollow Trunk, are parts of a larger feature, in this case a Chesnut Tree. This list, like the map, is updated as features become available and/or move out of the flow of combat. You are also able to close this pane if you prefer to work directly on the map.

On the left of the map is the contextual action list for a specific target. The top portion of this pane shows actions which are directed at the target, and the bottom shows actions which are directed towards yourself. You can expand this pane to show more options, or you may close it and work directly from a larger map.

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