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Mage Knight: Apocalypse - MP Preview @ eToychest

by Dhruin, 2006-09-27 00:37:00
eToychest has kicked up a preview of the multiplayer side of Mage Knight:
The multiplayer facet also allows for some deeper customization, and allows hosts to set up their servers in a surprising number of ways. As we learned in our single player preview, the game is divided into six chapters, each with various adventures or boss battles. A host can choose to restrict their server to only allow certain quests, or one chapter. Or, they can configure it to loop particular sections of the game. If the host decides that Chapter 2 and 3 are the best parts of the game, he or she can modify the server so that anyone joining will loop through those chapters - once Chapter 3 is complete, the game will start over with the Chapter 2 content. Otherwise, on a restriction-less server, players can jump around to any quest they like. Additionally, the server can be configured so that players can go through the game from beginning to end in a full co-operative mode.

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