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Dragon Commander - Facebook Q&A Answers

by Dhruin, 2012-11-18 08:00:25

The answers to Larian's Dragon Commander community Q&A on Facebook were posted earlier in the week:

Q: Are dirty tactics allowed in game?

The game is made for it!

Q: What is the level of tactical sophistication within the battles - ie, Are the units balanced preventing the emergence of a 'Super unit' that is just plain better, or is it who has more gold/credits/larians/currency wins?

There are always multiple counter strategies and while you might manage to create a super unit at some point that decimates the enemy in battle, odds are that by the next battle your enemy will have formulated an answer. How that works exactly will show off in future videos.

Q: Does the enemy have access to the same 'bonuses' you have?

 Yes – because of the strategic campaign being an important part of gameplay, the units you start out with are symmetrical. However, the research choices you make rapidly cause differentiation in terms of abilities available to the units. Again, we’ll soon come up with videos showing how that works.

Q: How does the rock/paper/scissors format work with the ground and water units, when water can hit land, air, and water, air can hit, air, land, and water, but land is restricted to only being able to attack air and other land units?

If you have only land units, and the other guy has air and sea, you probably have a problem. Unless your dragon happens to pack the right skills…

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