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Hero-U - Kickstarter update #26,27

by Myrthos, 2012-11-20 12:27:34

There are plenty of updates appearing these last days of Hero-U. With just 9 hours to go they are still 9K short of meeting their goal with just 1.000 dollar an hour it is done.

The last updates give some more info on add-ons, interviews and paypal.

Will we accept PayPal pledges for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption?

Yes, we will.  We are waiting until after the Kickstarter closes before offering PayPal contributions. Then we will start accepting them on the Hero-U web site: http://www/hero-u.net is the home page, and will have a link to the "Hero-U Store". We expect to offer Kickstarter-like reward tiers for two or three months. All of those purchases will count towards project stretch goals.

The store will remain open after those 2-3 months, but purchases will count towards "game sales" rather than our stretch goals.  This is an important distinction for developer royalties, possible future investors, and the Kicking It Forward campaign I mentioned in the last update.

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