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Beast & Blades - Kickstarter Updates, Backup and Linux Support

by Myrthos, 2012-11-21 22:22:53

The Kickstarter for Beast & Blades isn't going anywhere fast being at $1.800 of a $12.500 goal and only 4 days to go. They have however a backup plan, with is to gather funds through PayPal instead. In addition they announced that Linux support will be in.

It's now official, Beasts & Blades will be released for Linux based os's as well as win/mac , ios, and android including the ouya!

Thank you to our new backers, you guys rock! We thank you for your continued support, and definitely tell your buddies.

In the event the entire 12.5g goal is not met, we would like you to take notice of the paypal link located right under the Kickstarter video. It is a donation, so it is still tax deductable. We have a large goal to meet in a short amount of time! If the goal isn't reached this time, definitely help partially fund us through paypal so we can keep improving Beasts & Blades! Even partial funding is extremely important to the success of the project, and as noted before we can still gaurantee all of your rewards. We only ask a small additional fee for the t-shirts, as shipping costs at current rates are factored into the goal of 12.5g. T shirts through paypal will be $30. All other reward amounts remain the same.

That said, lets get us to 12.5 this time! Help push this campaign to the goal, without the awesome backer it is not possible. We thank you!

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