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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition: Trent Oster Interview @ Tor.com

by Myrthos, 2012-11-21 22:30:03

The people from Tor.com have interviewed Trent Oster on the upcoming release of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Tor.comThe name, Overhaul Games, suggests you enjoy breathing new life into classics, but does the studio have any plans or desire to create a new, unique standalone title or IP?

Oster: I view Overhaul Games as more than taking old games and bringing them back to life. We chose Overhaul Games as our name to represent our attitude around game development as well. We think game development is about skilled developers working hard to make great products—we wanted a strong blue-collar association. We chose to embrace the idea that game development is mostly about execution and the best way to execute well is to have skilled developers and to stay out of their way, giving direction, not micro-management. Our goal is to remain a small team of committed individuals who work hard and make great games and I think the Overhaul moniker keeps us in touch with that ideal.

Tor.comAs dedicated PC gamers, we’re interested in an insider’s perspective to this next question. Digital distribution outlets like Steam and Beamdog have helped breathe new life into what may previously have been considered a dying genre. In what direction do you see the future of PC gaming heading? Are you concerned at all with its current state?

Oster: I see PC gaming growing. I think digital distribution is just starting to open up the rest of the gaming world. I think PC gaming is going to grow; for some game formats (RTS, FPS) the PC is the undisputed king and will remain so. For other types of games, the PC is still a very strong choice ( I play almost everything on the PC, Skyrim, etc). I think the PC is a great gaming platform as a whole and with digital distribution allowing the creators to connect directly with the players, I look forward to some amazing new PC games.

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