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Beasts & Blades - Funding Unsuccessful

by Myrthos, 2012-11-26 12:23:15

One of the kickstarters we have been following a bit was Beasts & Blades. Over the weekend it has failed to be funded with gathering $1,760 out of the requested 12,500. They are continuing now on PayPal hoping to collect the required amount in that way.

Ok we promised the last update was the last, it was a fib.

Big thanks to all those who supported! Look for the campaign coming back again soon in jan - feb.

Please take notice of the paypal again, we've gotten donations from.... not very many out of 138 people! The game has pretty high development costs for an indie project, and we definitely do need what was pledged here on Kickstarter.

We've been yapping about it a lot, because it's important. We want to continue developing this project. We do most definitely need the help of the community to do that.

Lets bring this project back stronger shall we? We need your support to do that.

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