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Night Watch: Review @ Strategy Informer

by Dhruin, 2006-09-27 13:26:00
Strategy Informer let us know about their <a href="http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/nightwatch/review.html" target="_blank">review</a> of Night Watch, which sports a score of 5.8/10:<blockquote><em>Night Watch is a party based game that allows up to four characters in your party, each that comes with various skills and stats which can be increased through the confrontations and completing objectives. There are three general classes: shape-shifter, mage and enchanter, the difference between the last two being whether their spells work directly on an enemy or through another object. Unfortunately the increases in these classes as you go dona "!t make a huge difference and the same basic spells and tactics that you learn in the first two hours will still be your best tactics in the fifteenth. All character actions are based on the number action points that you have which replenish at the start of each new turn. On average you can get two to three actions per turn out of your points. In order to act youa "!ll set up the list of actions for each of your characters and press end turn, and then wait to see what the results of your actions are and how the enemy counters attacks or acts. Lather, rinse, repeat.</em></blockquote>

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