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The Banner Saga - Factions Preview @ Indie Statik

by Myrthos, 2012-11-27 12:41:50

The people from Indie Statik played a bit of The Banner Saga: Factions and they penned down some of their experiences.

The feeling of doom certainly extended to my experience with the combat. It’s harsh, and the gorgeous animations and sounds only emphasize this harshness further. In most RPGs, when you see a dead unit you equate it with the experience points you gained. In The Banner Saga you feel the cost of every unit weighing on you. The scariest, most eye-opening part of Saving Private Ryan is when the door on the landing craft comes down and the German machine guns immediately begin ripping through the American soldiers. That moment serves the movie so well because it’s completely unexpected. Heroes aren’t supposed to die en masse in the first five minutes of a movie. This de-heroization of the soldiers by means of terrible, sudden, and impersonal violence makes you feel the loss of their potential stories. Some soldiers weren’t lucky enough to make it to the beach on which their fellows died.

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