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Original Sin - Brief Look by Examiner

by Myrthos, 2012-11-27 12:50:00

A very short look into the current development status of Divinity Original Sin is to be found on the Examiner site. It is based on the internal review meeting video, so does not give much new information beyond that. Although I do think that Larian Studios never committed to the release date of Q1. I belief they had that for the release of Dragon Commander.

It's not a terribly long video, but it shows off a surprising amount of the game (albeit not in high quality, as it is a video recording rather than actual game footage capture). And the team's discussion as the video progresses is pretty hilarious. They hate how the seagulls look. They think the southern area of the game's world is just about ready for prime time, but the northern area currently only offers a mediocre play experience...and evidently looks very pretty.

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