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Mass Effect 3 - Omega DLC Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2012-11-28 14:29:48

Here is a collection of reviews for the Skyrim DLC Omega, with one being really negative.

Gamefront, 7.5

I found Omega competent enough, but unexiting, in the end. Maybe it’s Mass Effect fatigue at this point, or perhaps the heavy emphasis on action on Omega over RPG elements, or maybe it’s just that the storytelling in these DLC excerpts has found no real way of conveying smaller tales that are worth hearing in the frame of Mass Effect 3. That said, if you want to revisit Omega, see its locales, and shoot lots more guys — that is, if you want more of the superficial elements of the Mass Effect 3 formula — then it’s here, and there’s a fair bit of it, and you’ll feel your $15 was well-spent. The rest of us, though: we might be a little bored.

Eurogamer, 4/10

Some might moan that Omega should have been part of the main game. I'm glad it isn't, although I do believe it would have worked better shrunk down to the length of a single mission. It's refreshing to get to the point where BioWare doesn't feel the need to address the main game's faults yet again in its DLC (the Extended Cut and Leviathan's story points were all conceived post-release) - but it's also worrying because Omega has been planned for far longer. BioWare has had a year to get Omega right. It didn't.

Kotaku says Yes

In the end, then, Omega is a worthwhile romp, entertaining in its own right and valuable for how it expands the world of the game it's attached to, as well as the world before it. It does connect back out to the larger story of Mass Effect 3, even while remaining concerned entirely with itself. (A lot like Aria.) Afterlife always had its motif of flames by its entrance, a futuristic LED display mockingly leading its visitors to hell. When the actual station is on fire, and the galaxy around it burning too, its gaudiness feels eerily prophetic, a little too on-the-nose.

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