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Dark Messiah: Previews @ GameSpot & AtomicGamer

by Dhruin, 2006-09-27 22:04:00
GameSpot has a new preview of Dark Messiah's multiplayer titled "The Archer and the Mage", with obvious specific attention to these two classes:
There are five multiplayer classes in Dark Messiah, each of which is highly specialized. The fighter is the frontline warrior, the assassin is the fast and nimble striker, the priestess is the healer, the archer is the sniper, and the mage is the heavy spellcaster. In this preview, we'll take a closer look at the archer and the mage, the two primary ranged classes. They're not particularly suited for melee combat and instead like to stand off in a battle and attack from afar. Dark Messiah is scheduled to ship in October.
...and AtomicGamer also has a multiplayer preview:
The level-up system opens up all kinds of cool abilities for your character, but sadly, this makes for an excruciatingly tough learning curve. Any practice you've gotten in the single player game doesn't really translate into the online mode; the game plays (and the characters move and fight) differently enough from Arkane Studios' single player mode that you'll feel like you're back at square one when jumping on a server. And if the server you're on has a lot of veterans, you're going to find it difficult to get even your first kill to achieve level 2. Some servers can be configured to have your level-ups carry across from one map to the next, but remember that you can't gain a bunch of levels as one class and switch over at high level. Your levels are tracked for each class separately, so try and stick with one class if you're having trouble killing the enemy.

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