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Antharion - Back on Kickstarter

by Myrthos, 2012-11-30 14:59:33

Antharion is back on Kickstarter again. After the first try where they came $1,190 short in order to reach their goal of $15,000 they are now asking for $10,000 and have currently already collected 20% of that amount.

Antharion is a hard-core dungeon crawling turn-based RPG set in a vast and interactive fantasy world that encourages player exploration. What sets Antharion apart from other RPGs is how faithfully it recreates the experience of classics like Ultima, Wizardry and Pool of Radiance. Antharion combines an immense open world, deep tactical turn-based combat and a rich character creation system, with the distinctive look and feel of a traditional Western RPG. Antharion wants to breathe new life into an old genre.

On Antharion's first Kickstarter campaign.

Our first try at Kickstarter failed at 92%, but that’s not the whole story. We’d done a total of just 5% in the week leading up to that day. In the last few hours of the project, our backers just went nuts driving funding progress up from 73% to 92%. You’d think that with just hours left to go, and 27% still needed, that they’d feel hopeless and just give up. Instead, they kept going, upgrading their pledges and pulling in tons of new backers, eventually we the day with a gain of 19%. It was just amazing, it’s hard to express in words how that made us feel. We’ve been working on this thing for over a year, never really knowing if anyone else would actually be interested in it other than ourselves. Just to find out that there were so many people out there who believe in what we’re doing was a really amazing feeling.

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