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Telepath: Tactics - Update #3, More Characters

by Dhruin, 2012-12-02 08:55:19

A third Kickstarter update is online for Telepath Tactics, which seems to be travelling reasonably well ($5k/$25k, 27 days). This post introduces more characters:

Minnow Flaxenhair - Minnow grew up on a farm, where her natural aptitude for creating psychokinetic barriers proved useful in managing livestock. It didn't take long for a passing recruiter to catch wind of her talents, however, and now she works as a psy healer in the Magistrate's army, erecting psychokinetic shields on the battlefield to ward off potentially fatal attacks.

Minnow is talkative, fond of drink, and prone to making wisecracks. She particularly enjoys getting under Alvin's skin.

Grant Winter - Grant is a cryokineticist with an orderly, disciplined life that borders on ascetic. He does not drink, and has never taken a lover. Grant spent many years studying cryokinesis, and has bound up his sense of self-worth almost entirely in his role as a loyal and dutiful soldier. He has a good mind for tactics, though his ability to lead is sometimes compromised by his difficulty connecting with others. Commander Crowe has been grooming him to be a squad leader for some time, a fact which causes Grant no small amount of pride.

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