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Dragon Commander - Larian Needs Your Help

by Myrthos, 2012-12-04 14:32:41

On his blog Swen Vincke is asking for your help and feedback in pitching Dragon Commander in the best way possible.

I’m going to list here what we have for the moment in the hopes that somebody reading this might come up with a couple of suggestions to improve the text and clarify the message.

Dragon Commander – Become the dragon, command the empire

The lands of Rivellon are overrun by the forces of chaos. You are one of the last dragon knights. Do you have what it takes to unite the races and build an army formidable enough to defeat the biggest threat ever ?

  • Become the Dragon – Take control of the dragon in you and join your troops in combat, assisting them with a host of powerful magic skills
  • Full 3D massive real time strategy – Engage in land, air and sea warfare, commanding unique fantasy units with various upgrades and tactical abilities
  • Dynamic story driven campaign  – After each battle, you make choices that affect the lives of everybody in the empire and from your strategi map, decide which countries to attack
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer – Play with or against your friends. In cooperative mode, one player can command the armies while the other blasts away at the enemy in dragon form

Feel free to rip it apart but please do give feedback – if you find this text appalling, please let us know, because otherwise you risk being appalled even more when next you find it back in all kinds of languages in all kinds of ads and on all kinds of boxes in say about six months ;) Likewise, if you find it appealing, let us know too. And obviously, if something is unclear, please ask so I can clarify. Not being clear is the thing I’m the most afraid of.

One other issue we’ve been dealing with and for which we could use some ideas is how we’ve been handling our online presence. Up to now there wasn’t a clear plan other than everybody bitching that we could do better, but now that we’re trying to do better, we’re finding that it’s not that easy – go figure.

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