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Antharion - Update #3, Stretch Goals

by Dhruin, 2012-12-05 21:50:16

Antharion has almost reached their goal ($9.5k / $10k) ans so stretch goals have been launched, including new items, a player house, new tilesets and Linux support. The actual list is a graphic that is hard to quote but here's some of the accompanying text:

Magical Items - items imbued with magical effects such as: a sword with a chance to freeze its target on strike, a bow with a chance to poison, etc.

Northern Point Winter Island - A massive island on the far northern reaches of Antharion, Northern Point is a snowy winter wilderness with a few small settlements carved out amidst it's barren frosty landscape. Explore and conquer numerous ice caverns filled with Frost Liches, Snow Yetis and like monsters.

13 Level Mega Dungeon - Conquer this 13 level mega dungeon bohemoth and you'll be duly rewarded with one of the three most powerful items known to exist in Anthation!

Monster Island Conclave - An island off the south eastern coast of Antharion solely inhabited by monsters and complete with a monster capitol city where you can interact with inhabitants just like regular NPCs.

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