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Telepath Tactics - Kickstarter Update #7, Stretch Goals

by Myrthos, 2012-12-07 22:05:16

In update 7 of Teleapth Tactics stretch goals and new rewards are announced.

$35,000 - Mobile Ports
$45,000 - Choices and Consequences$50,000 - Dungeon tilesets and objects
$80,000 - Dedicated Linux Port
$100,000 - Phoenix-like rebirth as a wRPG!

To make sure that pledging at a higher level is worth your while, I've decided to sweeten the pot a bit. First, I'm throwing in free copies of my past games for folks able and willing to give a little extra:

  • In addition to your normal rewards, everyone who pledges at or above $40 will now receive a free copy of Telepath Psy Arena 2, an addictive tournament-style tactics game with team management, challenge matches, randomly generated training battles, and 10 leagues filled with fights that will test your tactical skill!
  • On top of that, everyone who pledges at or above $100 will also get a free copy of my last game, Telepath RPG: Servants of God, a Middle East steampunk tactical wRPG about oppression, democracy, God, and the nature of knowledge. (That game normally costs $25 all on its own, so this is a pretty killer value!)

And finally, a gentle reminder about the bump-up bonus:

  • Whatever you choose to pledge, bump it up by $9 to get another copy of Telepath Tactics for a friend. (That's a 10% discount off the price of the game!) You'll be glad you did this when the game comes out and you have someone you know to battle with. ;)

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