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Telepath Tactics - Demo Impressions

by Myrthos, 2012-12-07 22:25:34

Indie Statik has been playing the alpha demo of Telepath Tactics and wrote their first impressions based on their playthrough of the single available scenario.

Overall, the scenario doesn’t do much to show those really cool moments (and tactics, of course) that its Kickstarter page hints at. You can win by killing one unit, the enemy general, and doing so only takes a little more than ten turns if you rush him. You have to play in a very unnatural way to set up the interesting abilities, rather than just use your lame bowman and crossbowman to kill everything from a few spaces away while your swordsmen tank. The scenario starts with building a bridge in order to cross a river, but you would hope for sneakier and subtler ways to use this ability. You actually can’t reach the enemy unless you use your engineer to lay some path down across the river.

But one demo scenario is a silly way to judge games in this genre. RPGs are about characters persisting and changing through the game: grabbing items, leveling and developing as characters in a story. Telepath Tactics is promising a lot, and I’m excited to see whether it can deliver. This is one to watch, and it definitely needs the Kickstarter money to give it the depth that it deserves.

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