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Kickstarter - Data Hacker Initiation

by Myrthos, 2012-12-10 12:11:28

Ross informed us of his game named Data Hacker Initiation on Kickstarter. The game has already met its goal of 300 pounds, but it still has 30 days to go. So if this floats your boat, there is still an opportunity to pledge.

My brainchild; the #data//hacker series is a three-parter, and is based around an online game called 'Online World.' I draw a lot of inspiration from games such as Final Fantasy and the .hack series, but am sure to make this project my own.

Initiation follows Jay as he seeks revenge on the Administrators of Online World, who cruelly banished him from the beloved fantasy realm after a case of mistaken identity. Jay soon becomes entangled in the mess of corruption and deceit led by the infamous corporation. 

While the core concept can be likened to the .hack series, I can assure you with no doubt that the game takes on a very different take, climaxing in Reboot, which I am hoping to develop in Unity 3D. More details on Initiation's features are detailed below.

I expect to be releasing the final version of Initiation in March 2013; the project is coming along steadily.

Core features of Initiation are as follows:

A Branching, Immersive Storyline with a wide range of memorable characters that you can interact with on many levels

Continue your save file from Initiation into Corruption

An estimated 20+ hours of core plot content, with optional content making up many, many more hours.

Dungeon-based exploration, with each and every dungeon feeling unique and different from the last (no copy-paste dungeons like in .hack)

Dynamic world that changes based on your actions whilst playing

Recruitment system that allows you to make significant tactical choices

300+ Items of equipment, with over 30 classes to wear them, each with their own unique skillset. 

Generic classes mature depending on your actions into unique classes such as the Noireknight, Dracokin, Bladedancer or Astromancer (and many more)

Lots of optional content including locales, bosses, dungeons, real estate, DodoBaird racing and a featured Card game named Trioarch!

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