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Warhorse - Shakycam Footage

by Dhruin, 2012-12-10 12:45:11

We've been following Warhorse Studios' semi-historical open-world CryEngine 3-powered RPG for a little while but we haven't actually seen anything yet. Slamdunk points out this shakycam footage from a Game Developers Session 2012 lecture. It's important to understand this footage was built with in-game assets but isn't a scene from the game:

We had several lectures at Game Developers Session 2012 and one of them was about graphics. We showed a little scene with assets from our game to demonstrate how we create "next gen" graphics in CE3. Below you can see "leaked" video from this presentation. Keep in mind, that this is not actual scene from the game, its just assets illustrating the presentation. :)

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