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The Banner Saga - Interview @ IndiegameHQ

by Myrthos, 2012-12-10 12:51:55

Stoic Studio's Alex Thomas was interviewed by IndiegameHQ on The Banner Saga and their Kickstarter success.

Indie Game HQ: Were you surprised by the massive interest in the Kickstarter?

Alex: Undoubtedly. We approached Kickstarter as a way to help fund some of the production costs that we just didn’t have time to do –  mostly animation and QA, and came away from it with more funding than we ever could have imagined. The concept of the game and the idea of going it alone really seemed to resonate with people.

Indie Game HQ: What are your plans for the extra money raised?

Alex: Any time you start making a game there’s a flood of great ideas and you have to scale that back to what you can afford both in terms of time and money (often these are interchangeable). The most valuable thing the Kickstarter funding let us do was bring back the best ideas that we had to drop before. We’ve added a ton of content including dozens of unique characters, we’ve been able to dramatically expand the amount of story content and re-playability in the game, and we’ve improved the quality of everything throughout. Before we were going to be doing our own foley and writing our own music and we’ve been able to get really professional studios to pitch in with us including Austin Wintory, the composer for Journey. These are all things we never could have gotten anything close to before.

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