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Inquisitor - Review @ New Gamer Nation

by Myrthos, 2012-12-10 13:00:12

New Gamer Nation has reviewed Inquisitor and were not impressed as their rating of 5.5 and the followig bit shows:

Far less compelling is the actual action RPG elements themselves. The game boasts a ridiculous length, but most of it can be chalked up to the mind numbingly slow pace and the amount of busywork the game throws at you. First, the speed of your character is based on a stat, and it is atrocious. The simple act of going to town to sell your loot becomes a boring chore until you speed stat is maxed, and even then your running pace is slightly below that of Diablo 2. Similarly, the game uses a Stamina gauge for attacks, which seems like a somewhat pointless addition of downtime. This makes every dungeon romp a matter of fighting a handful of baddies and then waiting over a minute for it to recharge, again and again and again. This can be ameliorated through generous use of potions, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason for including this system beyond padding.

The actual dungeoneering itself is mixed, going from great fun to frustrating tedium and back again. The game uses an extensive loot system that is rather nice (except for the slow trips back to town to cash it out), and the difficulty definitely skews towards old school toughness for those who like a serious challenge. But occasional glitches and minor complaints always dog the adventure, like a critical quest key that didn’t drop and entire skills being nullified by first level spells. Honestly, if I were to list every single minor issue this review could go on for thousands of words, but most of them are not completely game breaking, just annoying.

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