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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition: Review Roundup #4, iPad Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-12-11 13:02:05

Here are three more reviews of the iPad version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.


Though some of Baldur’s Gate’s relics sort of get in the way of gameplay, such as obscure D&D mechanics, mouse-optimized controls, and dated graphics, the spirit of the game still holds a ton of appeal. Rich character portraits and top-notch voice acting deliver convincing personalities, whileintense background music and steep difficulty curve can create truly gripping combat experiences. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a fine example of bringing classic franchises back to life on mobile; I just can’t wait until Baldur’s Gate 2 comes out for iOS.

Mac Life, 3.5/5

Most of the enhancements in this portable edition appear in the form of subtle, behind-the-scenes tweaks, though additions like new unlockable characters -- via in-app purchases -- and a new separate arena battling mode side story named "The Black Pits" are welcome extras. Otherwise, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition still looks and plays very much like the original, and the hard-edged, old-school formula can feel creaky and unforgiving at times.

Slide To Play, Must Have

Overhaul games took upon themselves the unenviable and mammoth task of bringing one of the most cherished and revered games of the past 20 years into modern times. And we should all be glad they did. If you had never told us that Baldur's Gate was originally a 14 year old PC game, we would never have thought it wasn’t specifically designed for the iPad. The story, characters, quests and gameplay almost seem timeless and are just as engaging and absorbing now as they were back then. Overhaul has done a masterful job of updating the game.

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