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Skyrim - Two More Dragonborn DLC Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-12-13 12:28:47

Here are two more reviews for Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC.

The Escapist, 4/5 stars

As well as all the exciting new stuff you get to explore, you'll also be able to return to some unfinished business as you enter Hermaeus Mora's library of forbidden knowledge. If you do manage to pass the trials he sets before you, you'll wind up with a few new abilities to choose from including an incredibly useful one that prevents companions from taking friendly fire damage. If you've ever had to explain to your would-be wife why a dead body suddenly spawned in the middle of your marriage ceremony, or even just to reload from a previous game save because you accidentally burned Aela to death with a fireball, then you'll appreciate this perk. You can now hack away with your sword indiscriminately, knowing that only your foes will feel its sting.

GameInformer, 8.5

Dragonborn delivers a great adventure that rarely apes content from the core game. The dungeon designs are inventive – especially the water temple – and flow nicely from quest to quest. Solstheim is a fun island to explore, offering a wealth of side content and locales to uncover. The dragon-riding and battle against Miraak in the final act are rough, but the story stays strong and is tied to one of of Skyrim's most enjoyable quest lines.

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