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Dishonored - Dunwall City Trials Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2012-12-13 12:57:07

In case you are still wondering if you should get the Dunwall City Trials DLC for Dishonored, here is a collection of reviews:

Eject Disk Magazine, 87%

Overall, Dishonored is a great stealth-action game taking place in a new original setting, with great character and gameplay design. While it may have a few graphical hiccups and the story isn’t perfect, Dishonored truly is a brilliant title and one of the best new IPs released this year. No matter how you play it, it never feels like it is punishing you for not taking the route it wants you to go. Add this to the adequate level of challenge on the Normal difficulty, and you are left with a game that will cause you to quick-load rather often, but never becomes tiring or wears out its welcome.

The Controller Online, 9.5

Regardless of where you are in the main campaign, you can start playing the Dunwall City Trials, so it’s a great way to practice your skills and I can already see myself getting better at certain things, like using Blink to quickly and accurately fly around the map. I look at Dunwall City Trials as preparation before I even think about attempting to beat the game on Very Hard. I think I’m going to need all of the practice I can get.

Digital Trends

For $4.99 you can’t criticize the value you’ll get, but taken on their own the challenges aren’t much to sink your teeth in. They are a sample of a better offer and focus on the individual aspects of a property that worked precisely because it combined those aspects. The Dunwall City Trials  DLC is worth a look, but it’s not compelling in terms of standalone content. If, however, you absolutely loved the gameplay of Dishonored, then the challenges should be perfectly suited for you.

Erica North

I didn’t need a reminder as to why I loved Dishonored, but this DLC pack definitely made me long to play through the entire game again. Maybe all the practice I get from doing these trials until I get them perfect will finally help me play through without killing anyone. That would be great because I don’t like being a murderer. Murder makes me have guilt, and besides, what kind of example would I set for Emily if I killed everyone?

EuroGamer, 7

Taking a “glass half full” approach, you could say that this rather unwieldy spread of mini-games and challenges offers something for everyone, regardless of your style of play. Alternatively, you could bemoan the way that the game's strongest elements are the ones reduced to a couple of trials, and that these are the best ones with the most replay value. I'd gladly have swapped the rather pointless Oil Drop and Bonfires for more chewy puzzles and stealth maps.

Attack of the fanboy

This first round of DLC for Dishonored is a good one. There’s a nice mixture of difficulty and fun in the Dunwall City Trials challenges that’s sure to hold you over until the story driven content arrives next year. While some of the modes are hit and miss, the price isn’t too taxing. At 400 Microsoft Points ($4.99) Dunwall City Trials is well worth the price of admission, and you just might want to try out some of these newly developed challenge skills in the single player mode, if you complete them that is.

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