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Forsaken Fortress - Updates

by Dhruin, 2012-12-14 00:27:06

I thought it time we catch up with Forsaken Fortress - the "survival RPG" campaign on Kickstarter. Currently they are at $59k / $100 with 8 days to go.

Yesterday they posted some race concept arts and previous updates include transportation and combat:

Hey folks,

Bear with us that this is a very rough video demonstrating the basic combat system in FF. The AI is really dumb at this point but it should give you an idea of what combat would look like. :)

Basic Features

  • You can take up to 9 people on an expedition. You can divide them into three squads(green, blue and red)
  • You control your own "hero" and issue general orders(GO TO, FOLLOW, COVERING FIRE....) to your squads.
  • The AI will intelligently act based on your orders. They will try to take cover when under fire or try to revive unconscious comrades, etc.
  • Your squad member's morale and personality will also influence their action. If a character is a coward, he or she may just flee if the situation has gone wrong.

To Be Discussed

  • Reinforcement from the base?
  • Artillery support from the base? (Mark the target and call in some hot rocks!) 

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