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Project Eternity - Interview @ Gamers.de

by Dhruin, 2012-12-14 23:28:35

Thomas sends word of a Project Eternity interview with Josh Sawyer at Gamers.de:

G: The setting reminds me of some kind of a „new world”-scenario. It is planed that your group will be able to use a ship to venture to another continent at the course of the adventure? Personally, the thought about an Infinity Engine-quest line on a ship excites me. It would be a perfect scenario for romantic adventures as well!

JS: We have not yet decided all of the places you can travel in this game, but the Dyrwood is the "new world" for the settlers and there is a lot of ship travel in the area.

G: Regarding romances, relationships were always important elements in the IE-Games, especially in "Baldur's Gate 2".  Will it be possible for our PC to engage in a relationship? 

JS: We aren't currently focusing much attention on romances on Project Eternity.  I would only want to include them if they feel like a natural fit.  As we develop the companion characters, we'll see where their plot arcs take them.

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